About the Firm

About Shira Charles And Charles Interior

Charles Interior will always be decidedly small.

Our business model is built on a personal connection, direct access, and flexibility to maintain a high level of responsiveness. When it comes to choosing our clients, team, and projects, the rule is and will always be quality over quantity.

Our projects vary in terms of size, budget, and individualized objectives. The commonality being end-user-driven results and strong ROI.

With this model, we take pride in our repeated ability to focus on the unique needs or concerns of both client and space. Maintaining our approach allows each project to receive the necessary attention and experience of every member of the Charles Interior team.

Projects are built out from a business and psychology perspective.

Our approach begins from an ROI platform, heavily incorporating market research, branding, messaging, and brand development. We focus on the end-user experience, taking into consideration the subconscious aspirations and self projections of the individuals that will inhabit or experience these spaces.

Through the use of classic, multilayered, timeless, and fully-functional designs, our projects are built to ensure the end user feels seen, safe, valued, and understood.

Charles Interior is a hub of collaboration, cutting-edge technology, and creativity.

Regularly collaborating with architectural and construction professionals in both new build and renovation projects across the country. Partnering with local artists wherever possible in all residential, commercial, healthcare, hospitality, retail, and multifamily projects.

Meet the Founder

About Shira Charles And Charles Interior

Being the best is great, I’m number one.
But being unique is greater, I’m the only one.


Shira Charles, at face value, is a young, single mom to a beautiful teenage daughter and a cute little toy poodle named Buddy.

She founded Charles Interior over six years ago, after discovering her affinity for interior design while working in the corporate healthcare world. It was, in fact, an accident.

Shira’s early upbringing was colorful and not what you would describe as typical. Before she was seven, she had lived on three continents—including nearly two years in Nairobi, Kenya. She was always drawn to culture and beauty.

From an early age, she knew she was sensitive to her physical surroundings, the energy of people and spaces, and had a strong calling to somehow make the world a better place.

During her years in corporate healthcare, she experienced a disconnect.

There was a gap between the messaging that the facilities were working hard to convey and the physical spaces being designed in these facilities. Using her affinity for operations and problem-solving—mixed with a strong intuition in regard to psychology and environment—she found a way to bridge that gap.

Allowing these facilities to physically become the messaging they so proudly stood by. Using interior design as the direct, if yet subconscious tool of communication for these healthcare operations.

This experience unveiled a new calling and, in a surprising move only to those who don’t know her, Shira exited the corporate world. She dove into research, learning all concepts and technical skills necessary to properly build out interior design projects—all within a matter of six months.

Using the same initial psychology, operations, and functionality-driven approach, she launched Charles Interior LLC.

Fast forward to today, Charles Interior is now a national design firm, successfully completing projects all over the country.

From drug rehabs in Phoenix, Chicago, Denver, and beyond to multifamily properties in Florida, music schools in Williamsburg, nursing homes in upstate New York, Pittsburgh, and so much more.

When she is not focused on interior design projects, Shira spends her time working on her art, gardening, traveling, spending time outdoors, and creating music. Although usually assumed to be an extrovert, she is much more of an introvert. An introvert that enjoys reminding herself and the world that there is never only one way to do things or to be in life. Certainly not only one right way.

For Shira, being unique and challenging standards is almost a hobby. Naturally, Charles Interior follows that same standard.

Meet the Team

Laura Mendible

Laura Mendible


Marina DeSouza

Marina DeSouza

Junior Interior Designer

We're growing!

We have some wonderful team members that have joined us and we will update soon!

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