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Design Consulting

Fun fact: Most of our best repeat clients began their relationship with us right here.

Whether you’re beginning to think about your potential project and need some guidance or you are just not looking to commit to full-scope design and management—we have you covered.

We’ve consulted on it all—from flooring advice for a low-income, out-of-state investment property to recommendations on a building exterior and branding position to input on the best layout for a personal living space.

The flexibility to give attention to design needs of all shapes and sizes is something we take great pride in. There is no project or design “problem” too large—or too small.

This service is at an hourly rate. We take a small retainer that is commitment-free on your end.

The benefit of the consulting option is that you are in the driver’s seat from the beginning. You lead the focus, time spent, and timeline in a way that works best for you. We will be there to provide drawings, advise, suggest, show you options, etc. within the parameters you have set.

Ready to take the first step? Begin here.

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